Harlem Tech Village is a non-profit committed to solving gaps in tech equality.


Through our consortium model, we bring together people, companies, and institutions that are united in sharing resources, talent, and know-how, to develop solutions involving education, entrepreneurship, and employment. 


Founded by two educators at Columbia and CUNY, we believe in creating pathways that are inclusive and upward for inner city youth, young adults, and residents. As Harlem embarks on the centennial celebration of the Harlem Renaissance in 2020, we envision the next 100 years of culture and enterprise-building to be powered by technology; and every local citizen and global neighbor should have equal access. 

Our Five-Year Consortium Moonshots

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Community Center 2.0 Model

HTV aims to unlock the doors to technology through passion-based exploration, education, and experiences so that anyone with a tech interest, idea, or investment inclination has a place to turn. We seek to pilot a model for a modern, tech-infused community center that puts technology at the center of the most disadvantaged communities, helping those with little access be able to explore, learn, and build.  


Our goal is to operate centers for $500K each, annually, affording scale across the U.S. in partnership with consortium members. In respecting heritage, our community development commitment is to reinvigorate depressed real-estate into beacons of community pride that can teach and fuel creative passion for a tech-centric world. 


Key resources planned for each tech center includes:

+ technology lab 

+ maker studio 

+ educational programming

+ accelerator resources

+ startup incubator space 

+ professional mentorship 

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Tech Accreditation Pipeline 

We seek to drive consensus among industry giants and promising startups on alternative pathways into the tech employment ecosystem that include non-collegiate options such as accreditation. By pooling consortium member resources to study pathways into technology and performance trends of employees, we challenge our members to build more pipeline entry points.    


Through our unique “Passion to Profit” operating model, Harlem Tech Village kindles interest in technology by appealing to the way we naturally encounter the world — our passions (e.g., music, art, sports) — and then progressing members (i.e., students, young adults, and entrepreneurs) through short bursts of education and experiences that provide them with vital knowledge, resources, and space to launch sustainable businesses that stimulates local economy and creates jobs. We believe in continuous, progressive learning path that can start in K-12 and adequately prepare someone for a tech career without college.